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Friday October 23, 2009
1. Gilberto Gil €” Gilberto Gil (Frevo Rasgado) (1968)

Armchair journey

Saturday July 4, 2009
City Between Worlds By Leo Ou-fan Lee Harvard University Press, 322pp, $60

Column 8

Wednesday November 12, 2008
"LAST Friday, Bev Peters asked how dipthongs (or joined vowels) could be created on today's computer keyboards," writes Greg Williams, of Tweed Heads. "As an aside, few dipthongs are written with joined vowels - eg, the ou in out is a dipthong but the vowels are not joined. However, for what it is worth, joined vowels such as the oe in foetus can be created in most word processor programs by the contortion of holding down the three Ctrl-Shift-& keys and tapping the O key. Likewise the ae in ...

Bargain Laos

Saturday April 28, 2007
Visit Thailand and Laos and encounter endangered cultures on this 14-day trip from Student Flights. The tour starts in Bangkok and travels to Chiang Mai by sleeper train, then explores the regions of Huay Xai, Pakbeng, Vang Vieng and Vientiane in Laos. Highlights include the Grand Palace and Emerald Buddha in Bangkok, night bazaars in Chiang Mai, a boat ride down the Mekong River, Buddhist temple caves at Pak Ou and the Kuang Si waterfall. Prices start from $895 a head twin-share, plus a local ...

Work Of The Week - The Postman (2003) Selina Ou (1977- )

Saturday July 10, 2004
ART REVIEW: The Postman (2003) Selina Ou (1977- )

A Time To Chill

Wednesday October 2, 2002
Y OU want to go out and tuck into a great meal but the bank balance isn't agreeing with your plans.

Sanity Savers

Wednesday March 20, 2002
Y OU'VE had enough of it.

Mum's Unlucky Break

Tuesday December 18, 2001
Nothing was going to stop Ou Yang Dong from seeing her son Ji Xiong Zhang graduate from the University of Wollongong.

On The Authority Of The Rabbi

Saturday April 8, 2000
Y OU know you've made it as an international author when the publishers decide to put out an edition of one of your books in Lithuanian. That's after the original English version has gone into several reprints and been translated into French, German, Spanish, Japanese and umpteen other languages.

Counter Launch

Tuesday April 6, 1999
Pay as you go and grab a number - the Paddo Inn gets seriously casual. ou would be forgiven for thinking the newly renovated and reopened lower level of the Paddington Inn was a restaurant. I did. I saw tables and chairs and wine buckets and cosy padded booths and a chef called Marcus Mano (ex-J

Debt Mob Get Serious

Monday December 7, 1998
Y OU haven't paid the fine, remember? It might have been a dog fine, a parking fine, a speeding fine, a littering fine, but whatever it is you're one of many hundreds of thousands of people in NSW who haven't paid. On Friday we followed the course of that unpaid fine through the first 28 days to

Olympic Fire Still Burns For Berry

Saturday November 14, 1998
Y OU will probably have noticed that Edmund Hilary and Sherpa Tensing Norgay didn't go back and climb Mount Everest asecond time. They'd been there back in 1953, becoming the first to reach the ultimate summit in mountain climbing. They could have gone back. But why bother? They could very

Well Done, In Parts

Monday September 14, 1998
Y OU know you're in for something different when a theatre program credits a fabric artist with the design and construction of a womb. And different Medium Rare certainly is: a mixture of traditional theatre, combinations of performance and visual arts, fairground trickery and video works. I

Wielding The Willow In Central Park ...

Sunday October 13, 1996
Cricket blossoming in New York? With a bit of a push, maybe so, writes GREG TRUMAN . Y OU can pursue any vice and fulfil every desire in New York, even get a game of cricket. Sure, you might find yourself playing on a "field" which is actually an extension of the runway of JFK Airport